Restaurant Torockó menu drink card

Mineral water
Carbonated drinks
Alcoholic Drinks
Pork dishes
Beef dishes
Poultry dishes
Grill dishes
Fish dishes
Ready made Dishes
For Vegetarian


Draft Dreher (0,5 l) - Pint 650,- Ft
Draft Dreher (0,3 l) - Glass 400,- Ft
Dreher (0,5) 590,- Ft
Dreher Dark (0,5) 590,- Ft
Dreher alcohol-free (0,5) 590,- Ft
Gösser (0,5) 590,- Ft
Heineken (0,5) 590,- Ft
Pilsner Urquell (0,33) 590,- Ft
Csíki (0,5) 650,- Ft
Edelweiss (0,5) 650,- Ft
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Peach juice (50%) dl/120,- Ft
Orange juice (100%) dl/120,- Ft
Pineapple juice (100%) dl/120,- Ft
Apple juice (100%) dl/120,- Ft
Tomato juice (100%, 0,2 l) 350,- Ft
Nostalgia home-made raspberry syrup (0,3l) 360,- Ft
Home-made lemon-squash (0,3l) 360,- Ft
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Bottled wine 2800,- Ft-tól
Sparkling wine 2900,- Ft-tól
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Mineral water

Szentkirályi (szénsavas v. szénsavmentes 0,33 l) 350,- Ft
Szentkirályi (carbonated or non-carbonated 0,75 l) 690,- Ft
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Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks 350,- Ft
Coca-Cola products - (Ginger Ale, Cola Light)
Juices 1dl 120,- Ft
Mineral water 0.33 350,- Ft
Tea 270,- Ft
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Alcoholic Drinks

Finlandia vodka (5cl) 850,- Ft
Whisky (5cl) 950,- Ft
(Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Ballantines, Johnnie Walker)
Metaxa (5cl) 850,- Ft
Unicum (5cl) 750,- Ft
Martini 1dl (5cl) 750,- Ft
Bianco, Rosso, Rosato, Extra Dry
Jägermeister (5cl) 750,- Ft
Palinka 1100,- Ft
Plum, Apricot, Pear
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Espresso 350,- Ft
Cappuccino 480,- Ft
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Tatar beefsteak 3200,- Ft
Ripened, minced and spicy beef tenderloin, served with toast
Tatar style roastbeef 2200,- Ft
Ripened, minced and spicy roastbeef, served with toast
Crumbed camambert cheese 1600,- Ft
Ripend Camembert cheese tossed in egg and breadcrumbs, served with poached peaches filled with cranberry jam
Breaded Trappist cheese 1600,- Ft
Breaded Trappist cheese slices served with sauce tartare
Breaded mushrooms 1500,- Ft
Fresh field mushrooms tossed in egg and breadcrumbs and fried, served with sauce tartare
Stuffed mushrooms 1900,-Ft
(Breaded fresh mushrooms stuffed with cheese and ewe
Hortbágy style pancake 1600,- Ft
2 pieces of hot pancakes filled with goulash stew, topped with sour cream and paprika sauce
Shrimp salad 1400,- Ft
Ceasar salad 1500,- Ft
Grilled chicken breast stripes with mayonnaise salad,garlic breadcrumbs
Toast with marrow, onion and garlic 1250,- Ft
Greek salad 1400,- Ft
Fish cracklings with red onions 1400,- Ft
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Meat broth served in a cup 520,- Ft
Meat broth made from various kinds of meat served with egg yolk/or liver dumplings/or vermicelli
Meat pot 950,- Ft
Delicious meat broth served with in-cooked meat, vegetables and vermicelli
French onion soup 520,- Ft
Tasty cream soup with the typical taste of onion, served with croutons and grated cheese
Cream of garlic soup 520,- Ft
Turkey soup with tarragon 950,- Ft
Creamy soup made with meat and vegetables,seasoned with tarragon
Mushroom soup 520,- Ft
Mushroom soup with meat broth base, field mushroom slices, vegetables, sautéed onions, pinched noodles and sour cream
Goulash soup 1100,- Ft
Made with pork meat and potatoes, served with pinched noodles
Enriched bean soup 1100,- Ft
Bean soup made from mixed beans, withcooked and smoked knuckle of pork, meat, sausage and noodles
Cream of peach soup 850,- Ft
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Pork dishes

Grilled cheese stuffed with red onions and smoked knuckle of pork 2200,- Ft
Vas-style meat roast 1500,- Ft
Meat ripened in garlic milk, tossed in sweet paprika and flour and fried
Bakony style cutlet 1500,- Ft
Grilled pork cutlet with smoked lard, with mushroom, served in Bakony style sauce with onions and sour cream
Roast meat cubes Brasov style 2300,- Ft
Tender pork fillet cubes, turkey or chicken breast stripes seasoned with garlic, pepper and sweet paprika, French fries
Gipsy style cutlet 1900,- Ft
Pork cutlet roasted in smoked lard fat, served in garlic, pepper and sweet paprika sauce, garnished with shaped lard
Hawaai style cutlet 1800,- Ft
Pork cutlet á la natur, covered with ham, pineapple and cheese - grilled
Cutlet Magyaróvér style 2200,- Ft
Pork cutlet á la natur, covered with mushrooms, ham and cheese - grilled
Cutlet Mátra sytle 1800,- Ft
Cutlet in a coating of grated potatoes, garlic and white pepper, topped with sour cream and grated cheese
Mexican roast meat stripes 1800,- Ft
Hot spicy pork meat stripes with cream and sweet corn
Cutlet Milanese style 2100,- Ft
Breaded pork rib /or turkey /or chicken breast in cheesy crust, garnished with macaroni in Milanese sauce
Stuffed cutles 1900,- Ft
(Breaded cutlets stuffed as requested with mushroom,cheese,ewe
Cutlet Torockó style 1700,- Ft
Breaded pork cutlets, served with onion tartare sauce and cheese
Pork loin medallions Hungarian style 2300,- Ft
Grilled pork loin medallions garnished with Hungarian style potatoes
Pork loin medallions Good Lady style 2300,- Ft
Grillled pork loin medallions in a ragout of mushroom,ham,bacon and onion
Nostalgy crumbed pork cutlet 1700,- Ft
Crumbed pork loin medallion with moyonnaise potatoes 2400,- Ft
Balázs 1900,- Ft
(Pork cutlet a lá natur with cream and ragout of ham, green peas and mushroom, sprinkled with cheese)
Smoked knuckle of pork with ewe 2200,- Ft
I 2200,- Ft
(Pork cutlet a lá natur garnished with ewe
Knuckle of pork Baker 2200,- Ft
Breaded marrow 1800,- Ft
Polpetti 2300,- Ft
Pork rib stuffed with cheese and ham, served with macaroni Milanese
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Beef dishes

Roastbeef Madagascar style 2200,- Ft
Roastbeef á la natur with red wine flavoured green pepper sauce
Roastbeef Marshal style 2200,- Ft
Roastbeef served with herb butter
Beef tenderloin Budaest style 3200,- Ft
Slices of beef tenderloin covered with a ragout of green peas, chicken liver, mushroom, tomatoes and pepper
Beef tenderloin Hungarian style 3400,- Ft
Beef tenderloin served with fresh tomato and pepper ragout "Letcho"
Beef tenderloin Stoganoff style 3400,- Ft
Beef tenderloin stripes in a piquant sauce of mushroom,pickled gherkin and cream
Beef tenderloin Gundel style 3400,- Ft
Beef tenderloin stripes in a sauce of red wine,asparagus,mushroom and chicken liver
Roastbeef with fried onion ring 2300,- Ft
Crumbed and fried calf 2100,- Ft
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Poultry dishes

Crumbed and fried chicken leg 1500,- Ft
Chicken stripes in creamy mushroom sauce 1900,- Ft
Chicken breast stripes with a ragout of sautéed mushrrom and cream flavoured with white wine and parsley
Tropical chicken breast 1900,- Ft
Fruit ragout, camembert cheese
Duck leg set on bed of fruits 2800,- Ft
Duck leg Hungarian style 2800,- Ft
Baked goose breast-Chef 3200,- Ft
Goose breast Hunter style 3200,- Ft
Chicken breast with seeds 1800,- Ft
Roquefort chicken breast with fresh salad 2200,- Ft
Baked goose leg with steamed cabbage and onion mashed potatoes 3200,- Ft
Goose leg Hungarian syle 3400,- Ft
Goose leg with garlic 3200,- Ft
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Grill dishes

Clod of pork 2300,- Ft
Chicken leg fillet 2300,- Ft
Chicken breast 2300,- Ft
Turkey breast 2300,- Ft
Roastbeef 2500,- Ft
Beef tenderloin 3200,- Ft
Salmon steak 2600,- Ft
Pork fillet medallions 2300,- Ft
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Torockó platter for Two 4600,- Ft
Crumbed and Parisian pork cutlet, chicken breast and chiken liver a la natur, crumbed mushroom, roasted clod of pork,French fries,rice and vegetables
Poultry platter for Two 5200,- Ft
Crumbed chicken leg, turkey breast a lá natur, Parisian chicken breast, duck leg, chicken liver and mixed garnish
Fish platter for Two 5200,- Ft
Butter fried pike perch, crumbed wels catfish, grilled salmon,shrimps and mixed garnish
Transylvanian wooden platter 2100,- Ft
Turkey, pork and chicken a lá natur with chicken liver and fried lard
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Fish dishes

African catfish fillet 1700,- Ft
Catfish fillet in egg and bread crumb crust
Pike perch fillet miller 1900,- Ft
(Pike perch fillet fried in butter, flavoured with lemon)
Pike perch fillet Orly style 1900,- Ft
Pike perch fillet tossed in beer dough and deep fried
Wels catfish goulash stew with cottage cheese pasta 2300,- Ft
Pike perch Capathian style 2200,- Ft
Crumbed frog legs 1900,- Ft
Crumbed shrimps set on bed of salad 2200,- Ft
1780,- Ft
2230,- Ft
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Ready made Dishes

Tripe goulash stew 1900,- Ft
Beef goulash stew 1900,- Ft
Veal goulash stew 2200,- Ft
Tripe goulash stew with marrow 2200,- Ft
2200,- Ft
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For Vegetarian

Platter for Vegetarien 1700,- Ft
Crumbed cheese, cauliflower, grilled mushroom and broccoli Parisian style
Broccoli Parisian style 1700,- Ft
Broccoli tossed in egg and meal, deep-fried and sprinkled with cheese
Grilled Mozarella set on bed of salad 1800,- Ft
Grilled mushroom with Roquefort cheese enriched salad 1900,- Ft
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Quadrucci pasta with cottage cheese 1200,- Ft
Freshly made dish from home made square shaped pasta, with cottage cheese, sour cream and smoked lard cubes
Strapatchka with ewe 1200,- Ft
Macaroni with sauce Milanese 1500,- Ft
Macaroni pasta served with mushroom, ham and tomato ragout and grated cheese
Spaghetti Carbonara 1700,- Ft
Spaghetti in sauce of garlic,mushroom,ham and cream,served with grated cheese
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Gundel style pancake 950,- Ft
Pancakes 450,- Ft
Freshly made dessert with cottage cheese, cocoa or jam filling
Sweet chestnut puree 750,- Ft
Flavoured delicacy made from sweet chestnut puree and topped with whipped cream
Ice cream cup 950,- Ft
Mixed ice cream topped with whipped cream
Stuffed peach 850,- Ft
Poached peach filled with cottage cheese, cream and vanilla filling, topped with whipped cream
Sponga cake Somló style 850,- Ft
Cottage cheese 850,- Ft
(3 dumplings with sour cream or with other sweet dressing)
Sweet dream 850,- Ft
Ice cream, fruit, sponge-cake, sweet sauce
Képviselőfánk 590,- Ft
Márványpalacsinta 950,- Ft
Madártej 950,- Ft
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Sauce tartar 350,- Ft
Cold prepared sauce from egg yolk, sour cream and oil, seasoned with mustard, lemon juice and white pepper
Torockó sauce 350,- Ft
Tartar sauce with onion
Garlic sauce 350,- Ft
Mayonnaise sauce mixed with garlic
Green pepper sauce 350,- Ft
Warm sauce made with cream, white- and green pepper
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Potato croquettes 420,- Ft
Mashed potatoes 420,- Ft
Small dumplings 420,- Ft
Rice with mushroom 420,- Ft
Onion mashed potatoes 420,- Ft
French fries 420,- Ft
Mexican vegetable garnish 420,- Ft
Steamed rice 420,- Ft
Parsley potatoes 420,- Ft
Rice with green peas 420,- Ft
Salted boiled potatoes 420,- Ft
Steak potatoes 420,- Ft
Grilled vegetables 1150,- Ft
Foil-wrapped potatoes 650,- Ft
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Tomato salad 420,- Ft
Cucumber salad 420,- Ft
Dressing salad 850,- Ft
Salted gherkins 380,- Ft
Pickled pepper 380,- Ft
Lacto-fermented gherkins 380,- Ft
Cabbage salad 380,- Ft
Mixed pickles 450,- Ft
380,- Ft
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Mangalitza "Torockó" 2100,- Ft
(crumbed mangalitza pork cutlet with onion enriched tartar sauce)
Crunchy nuggets 2200,- Ft
(chicken stripes in potato crust with fresh salad)
Lamb steak Hunter-style 2900,- Ft
(served with garlic and rosemary seasoned sauce and mushroom)
Lamb steak Gourmet-style 2900,- Ft
(with red onion, sweet corn, ham and mushroom)
Goatherd 2200,- Ft
(ham, sheep
Green cape cutlet 1900,- Ft
(cutlet stuffed with spinach enriched cheese cream in Viennese crust)
Rabbit goulash stew 2500,- Ft
(home-made rabbit goulash in paprika sauce, served with cottage cheese dumpling)
Mangalitza pork with hat 2200,- Ft
(grilled mangalitza pork cutlet covered with mushroom and cheese)
Wiener Schnitzel 2200,- Ft
Lights with bread roll dumpling 2100,- Ft
Breaded and fried fillet of carp 1800,- Ft
Chef 2100,- Ft
(seasoned and grilled clod of pork with ewe
Rooster testicle goulash stew 2100,- Ft
(with egg dumplings)
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